Publications and Presentations

Peer Reviewed Articles

Tilghman, L. M. 2019. Matoy jirofo, masaka lavany: Rural–urban migrants’ livelihood strategies through the lens of the clove commodity cycle in Madagascar. Economic Anthropology, 6: 48-60.

Cherry, C. O., Chumbler, N. R., Richards, K., Huff, A., D. Wu, Tilghman, L. M., and Butler, A. 2017. Expanding stroke telerehabilitation services to rural veterans: a qualitative study on patient experiences using the robotic stroke therapy delivery and monitoring system program. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology 12(1):21-27.

Baker, M.C., Baker M. S. A., and Tilghman, L. M. 2006. Differing effects of isolation on evolution of  bird songs: examples from an island-mainland comparison of three species. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 89:331-342.

Book Chapters

Neimark, B. D., and Tilghman, L. M. 2014. Bioprospecting a Biodiversity Hotspot: The Political Economy of Natural Products Drug Discovery for Conservation Goals in Madagascar. In Conservation and Environmental Management in Madagascar, edited by Ivan Scales. Routledge, New York NY. Pp.271-298.

Book Reviews

Tilghman, L. M. 2016. Review of Beyond the Lens of Conservation. Malagasy and Swiss Imaginations of One Another by Eva Keller. Anthropos 111(2):712-713.

Tilghman, L. M. 2015. Review of Forest and Labor in Madagascar: From Colonial Concession to Global Biosphere by Genese Marie Sodikoff. Anthropology of Work Review 36(2):107-109.

Tilghman, L. M. 2015. Six Plants in Search of a Market – Bitter Roots: The Search for Healing Plants in Africa by Abena Dove Osseo-Asare. Journal of African History 56(3):481-483.

Tilghman, L. M. 2011. Review of Surviving on the Move: Migration, Poverty and Development in Southern Africa, Jonathan Crush and Bruce Frayne, eds. Ecological and Environmental Anthropology 6(1):57-58.

Conference Presentations

Welcoming Immigrants to New Hampshire: Cross-cultural fieldwork of refugee resettlement issues. American Anthropological Association annual meeting, ‘Collaborative Research with Undergraduate Students: Old and New Issues in Engaging and Representing “Communities” panel, San Jose CA, 16 November 2018.

Matoy Jirofo, Masaka Lavany: using the clove commodity cycle to explore rural-urban linkages in Madagascar. American Anthropological Association annual meeting, ‘Boom and Bust: cultural dimensions of commodity cycles’ panel, Washington DC, 2 December 2017

Mandehandeha Mahita Raha: Malagasy New Immigrant Destinations in a Globalized World. Northeastern Anthropological Association annual meeting, ‘Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Urban Anthropology’ panel, Bridgewater MA, 4 March 2017.

The role of rural cash crops in urban livelihoods: a case study of the 2011 clove harvest in northeastern Madagascar. Society for Economic Anthropology annual meeting, Lexington KY, 10 April 2015.

Rural-Urban Linkages as Survival Strategies in the Precarious City: An Exploration of the Lives of Mpanampy in Northeastern Madagascar. American Anthropological Association annual meeting, ‘Producing Ethnographies Of Informality And Precariousness In The Domestic Sector And Beyond’ panel, Washington DC, 5 December 2014

If I Haven’t Eaten Rice, Then I Haven’t Eaten At All: Translating Food Security in Northeastern Madagascar. Society for Applied Anthropology annual meeting, ‘Found in Translation: lessons learned from disjunctures in meaning’ panel, Albuquerque NM, 21 March 2014

The dead are dead/Ancestors never die: Migrant Pentecostals and the frictions surrounding funerary customs and ancestral rituals in northeastern Madagascar. African Studies Association annual meeting, ‘Flows and Frictions in African Pentecostalism’ panel, Baltimore MD, 21 November 2013

The Rapture and the Rupture: Pentecostal conversion and weakened rural linkages of migrants in northeastern Madagascar. American Academy of Religion annual meeting, ‘The Politics and Ethics of Conversion: Pentecostalism and Migration in African Contexts’ panel, Baltimore MD, 23 November 2013

The Rights and Wrongs of Bioprospecting near Madagascar’s Zahamena Reserve. Association of American Geographers annual meeting, ‘New Directions in the Political Ecology of Madagascar’ panel, Las Vegas NV, 26 March 2009.

Perspectives on Plant Bioprospecting in Northeastern Madagascar. Society for Applied Anthropology annual meeting, ‘Plant Discourses: Cultural Implications of Plants on Development in Madagascar’ panel, Santa Fe NM, 20 March 2009.

Invited Talks

2017     Middlebury College, Environmental Studies Program, Howard E. Woodin Colloquium Series. “Mind the Gap Link: Integrating urban migrants and their hometown ties into conservation policy in Madagascar.” 5 October 2017.

2016     University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of African Studies, Africa At Noon lecture series. “Mandehandeha Mahita Raha: New Immigrant Destinations and Madagascar’s Pivot to China.” 17 February 2016.