About me

I am an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Plymouth State University, where I teach general introductory courses to the field as well as upper-level courses that bring a cultural perspective to topics such as wealth & poverty, illness & wellness, immigrants & refugees, ecology & conservation, religion & ritual, and the African continent.

I have lived and conducted research in Madagascar on and off since 2002 on such topics as entomophagy, medicinal plant knowledge exchange, equity issues related to bioprospecting, social and environmental impacts of small-scale sapphire mining, and most recently, rural-urban and international migration. Since 2015 I have been venturing into my own backyard in New Hampshire to explore immigration and refugee issues.

You can also find me at Academia.edu, ResearchGate, LinkedIn, Twitter, and PSU’s Social Science Faculty page.

Email me at lmtilghman@plymouth.edu or call me at 603.535.2424